Wojciechowska Wiktoria

Born in Lublin.

Graduated in Faculty of Media Art in the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. She took part in exhibitions, Leica Street Photo Winners 2014, Photo Diploma Awards Exhibition 2013, "Twelve layers" in Reykjavik, "Short Flashes" in Beijing, "The Pop City" in London. Her photos were presented during the festivals: La Circulation(s) in Paris, France, Photonic Moments Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Voies Off in Arles, France, Transphotographiques Festival, Lille, France, Month of Photography 2014, Minsk, Belarus. She was in preselection to Newcomer Award Oscar Barnack Leica Contest 2014, Emergentes DST - Encontros da Imagem Festival Braga, Portugal, she won the First Prize in Photo Diploma Awards 2013, second prize in "Projekt Przetwornia" 2014. She was participating in artist residencies in Iceland and China ("Fine Arts Photographers" in Beijing, Sim Residency in Reykjavík). Her works were published in photography magazines (ArchivoZine, Beijinger, ArtPhotoMag, Gente di Fotografia, GUP, L'Oeil de la photographie, Urbanautica) and albums like "Debuts" (presenting 36 new polish talents in photography). In her works she uses narration based on borderline of documentary and creation.


|| Own Place

This photographic series of works is a symbolic attempt of connecting a human being with his place of living. In times when distance is no longer a barrier and when settling down and identifying with space is getting harder. Looking out through their windows, the figures are pensive and lonesome. Their bodies reflected in the window's surface and create with the surrounding space a natural synthesis of the pseudo-images and real sceneries. The apparent presence, free-style conception voluntarily putting aside our in-depth roots and the unsuccessful attempts to "dwelling" in a different area, these are the characteristics of contemporary nomadism. Despite the compulsion to constantly seek a "better" place, the need for taming the space is not willing to disappear. Images of dream houses, houses from memories, typical – as on child's drawing they construct a visual archetype of an asylum. Pictures of people and suburban houses compile an image of longing for stability, safety and owning your own place.