Lukačovičová Lenka

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2013 LUCA, Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design, Brussels,
2010 - Academy of Fine Art and Design, Department of Photography and New Media,
prof. Lubo Stacho atelier
2009 Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Croatia

2012 Book as The Phenomenum, Brno, special award
2011 Fotosiločiary – 3rd prize – photography Home II

2012 Reflexion, Gallery - Galeria na schodoch, Nitra
2012 Permanent Exhibition, EKOfest Trnava,
2011 Woman´s View, University Creative Atelier, Nitra
2009 Intimity and Locality Hygiene with video performance, gallery Grupa ´69, Zagreb
2008 Hotel – Intimity, Artforum Trnava

Selected Group:
Museum of Art Zilina, KE-BA-BB 13
Gallery - Vychodoslovenska galeria Kosice, A Younthfull Medium III.
Museum - Vychodoslovenske muzeum, Kosice, Three Ateliers – Identity
Slovak National Museum – Pavilion, Podhradie, Bratislava, students of Czech and Slovak photo schools, Three ateliers
Cinema Hviezda, Trnava, students of atelier Laboratory of photography,
Mysterious country
Elledanse, Students of AFAD, I would do it better, too, and better...
Photogallery Zlin, Azbest Holiday
Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, cycle Space with borders
Art house, Piestany, Young Art Show, cycle (Male) Deviation
Gallery at the Hall, Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, cycle Meet me Halfway
OFF festival
Students of Fine Art Academy in Zagreb, cycle Intimity and Locality Hygiene
with video performance
Trnava´s Objective – Intimity
Amfo Diafoto – Intimity
East Slovak Artists in Ukraine, Uzghorod, cycle Abstraction
Amfo Diafoto, Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, cycle Water

|| RE:Photography

Výstava RE: Photography Lenky Lukačovičovej, diplomantky v ateliéri Laboratórium fotografie profesora Ľuba Stacha na VŠVU, je praktickou časťou jej diplomovej práce, v ktorej teoretickej časti sa venovala konceptuálnym prístupom vo fotografii a presahom fotografie a iných médii. Pri koncipovaní výstavy teda vychádzala z tohto uvažovania, ale aj z vedomia, že „ať snímek ukazuje cokoli a jakkoli, je vždy neviditelný, neboť co vidím, není fotografický snímek. Referent lne k Fotografii. Kvůli tomuto zvláštnímu přelínání je velmi nesnadné zaostřit se na ni“ (Barthes). Aby teda mohla zaostriť svoj i náš pohľad na Fotografiu ako takú i jej mimoumelecké kontexty, vykročila z plochy fotografie (v súlade s proklamovaným zameraním ateliéru) aj do priestorov objektu a inštalácie. Svoje uvažovanie zhmotnila v piatich prácach, ktoré majú ambíciu spolu komunikovať.

Ľuboš Lehocký

|| Muses

Muses are the goddesses of the arts´ inspiration. They were considered the source of the knowledge, "protectors of the arts" or the one which reflects, absorbs, dreams...

Sometimes we invoke Muses when we are creating, processing... The invocation typically occurs at or near the beginning, and calls for help or inspiration, or simply invites the Muse to sing through the author.

The word "Museum" also comes from the Latin word and it is originally from the Greek Μουσεῖον (Mouseion), which denotes a place or temple dedicated to the Muses. Museum in the earliest times was in old Alexandria a place for study, library, meeting place for people.

The word "Museum" – originally, "cult place of the Muses" - came to refer to a place for the public display of knowledge.

This series is a continuation of a project I developed in Slovakia.

The whole process was built upon three parts: the first – empty space of museum in the time between expositions; the second – connected to the studios, ateliers and other workspaces as a part of art production cycle. And the last part is connected to the alternative places for art, where art could be presented in a less formal way.

C print 90 cm x 72 cm, 4×5 inch dia

|| Permanent Exposition 2012

In 2001 Slovak National Gallery has decided to present to public the space of "Upperbridge" which is the typical example of white cube space. Based on alarming situation of the "Upperbridge" the art works were removed but the installation continues.

This installation has been in operation with no larger changes from 2001 up today. Top management of Gallery wanted to change this exhibition many times, but it had not found any understanding of competent.

SNG tries always either to reconstruct "Upperbridge" or to remove this progressive installation. But up to now top management of the Gallery did not find understanding at the Slovak Ministry of Culture which – it seems – prefers other media (e. m. theatre, literature, film) and in this way the fine art finds itself at the tail of art society needs. As the director of this institution said during the multi-genre evening on May 3, 2012, at Upperbridge, she saw that the reconstruction could have been done by 2016.

„Permanent exposition" offers the visitors to see at their own eyes that Slovakia has strong creative potential and skilful scholars of fine arts those are limited in a certain way.

Installation gives the topic to the arts which authors especially are the artists S. Filko, M. Laky and J. Zavarsky (White space at white space, 1973); and L. Stacho and D. Straus (Purification, 1992).

C – print 60 cm x 90 cm

|| Slovak exhibition scene

If we are to understand exhibition space as a place of communication, then we are witnesses not only to the relation between art work and spectator but also the witnesses to mutual interaction between space and human aspects, including the artists and spectators, in person. Exhibition space is traditionally associating to every its visitor with the art works. It usually is a place where the man meets it. The curator is opened with the possibility to enrich the space with his/her works, for designer it is as a possibility to develop his/her own imagination how to create the art work.

The presented set of photos gives us an opportunity to see this process – even before as it is usual at the exhibition – as the meeting with the art work.

And so, all types of the exhibition spaces have the only goal to communicate their messages through the interaction of the human scene and enacting of the art work; and then let ́s try to do that via this photo set Exhibition Scene – ? Exhibition Space for Visual Art – ?, to look for the interaction of photography of the empty space which the man sometimes considers as an exterior jacket for works during his/her visit as an art work, only. Let ́s try to think what ́s the future of the Slovak art institution during the internet period...

4x5inch dia, 84 x 66.5 cm, C print