Pospíšilová-Králová Michaela

* Prague in 1982.

She studied Secondary School of Textile Arts at first and then Hellich Higher Vocational School of Graphic Arts, Book Design. She is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. In 2012 she finished her bachelor studies at The Institute of Creative Photography in Opava.
She has tried a number of ways of artistic expression, from painting and drawing she got to printing, graphics, typography and photography. She still enjoys the possibility of free choice of the media, mixing them together or choosing the sort of image that suits the concept of the work in question in the best way. She started to get more involved in photography during her studies at the Higher Vocational School of Graphic Arts. It wasn´t a part of her curriculum, but she used photography as such as a basis for illustrations and independent pieces of graphic art, she also used it to make collages and completed them with drawing. She gradually created more and more images with photography as the final form, therefore she decided to apply for studies at The Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. She likes photography for its ability to clearly present the initial objective, for the function of the human memory assigned to it. She also appreciates its openness to further changes and interventions.



|| Re-constructed diary, 2013

|| In the middle of the time, 2012