Grebíková Lucie


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Department of Advertising Photography, Faculty of Multimedia Communications, Tomas Bata University in Zlin

2014 Mother, Gallery photogether, Zlín, CZ
2014 Historical techniques, Sztuki A1 Krakow, PL
2014 Skála, galerie ARTON, Kolín / Rock, ARTON Gallery, Kolín, CZ
2014 Two Faces of Prague, Václav square, Prague, CZ
2015 Na Własny Rachunek, Sztuki A1, Krakow, PL
2015 Mamka, Dům umění, Zlín, ČR / Mother, Art House, Zlín, CZ
2015 Father, Gallery photogether, Zlín, CZ
2015 Clothing in Centuries, Reduta, Uherské Hradiště, CZ
2015 MINE/photography, Gallery in the Garden, Kolín, CZ
2016 Eighteen harvest, svit 64, Zlín, CZ

|| Our World, 2016

When I was six years old I saw four men slaughter a goat from a window. I remember that the goat was staring at me. Her head fell beside the body but she was still winking at me. When my mun saw me crying, she gave me a paper and crayons and said: “Why don’t you draw that goat?”

|| Mother, 2014

Being a divorced woman with a child is a hard work. This story is unique, the whole time persuasively blindsided all common clichés in the family lives. This woman, which doesn’t have much faith in man anymore, got used to living on her own and took over all the burden of a male work. That it what makes her physically and mentally resistant despite all conflicts.

|| Father, 2015

My parents got divorced about 2 years after their wedding. Neither my mom, nor anyone in the family has ever talked about my father ever since. He became a taboo. Perhaps there was a reason for it. When I was 21 I decided to meet him even though I knew that the real father - daughter relationship would never be possible. I just wanted to meet him out of pure curiosity. He was rather nervous when we met, perhaps even emotional. He had a shot of rum to brace up. We sat in the pub and I kept asking. It seemed to be quite difficult for him to talk about his past. He talked about his life now and from what he told me I started to realise that he has no purpose in his life and that he drowns his grief in drinking which creates even greater distance between us. We met only on that one occasion and since our relationship didn’t get any warmer, we are no longer in touch. I wonder how it would have been like if He had found purpose
of his life in the family.